Dental Marketing in this crazy world! 3 Steps to Success

Dental Marketing : 3 Steps to Success in Your Practice

Dental Marketing

You have the skills to create smiles, even to change lives with your restorative and cosmetic dental work. Your patients are delighted with the change you bring to their smile, instilling new confidence where once they were reluctant to show their teeth. You’re happy, they’re happy; so why isn’t your waiting room always full?

The one key missing from your success may be your marketing plan for your practice. A dental marketing plan is essential to reach the thousands of potential clients who aren’t aware of the difference you can make in their dental health, in their smile and even in their life.

Create A Dental Website

Dental Marketing is essential to increasing your clientele. Potential patients won’t consider choosing you if they’ve never heard of you. You need a website and you need your practice to be ranked high for your area.

Your website should meet two goals; through pictures show the amazing results you achieve, and through Search Engine Optimization rank your web site high in search engines.

Developing a simple website with impressive examples of your work is not difficult and does not have to be expensive. There are online services which will create a sharp looking new website for you for under $1000.

Choose your website developer carefully after reviewing their portfolio. A dental website should be simple to use, visually appealing and uncrowded. Focus on showing the problems you can address and the results. Also be sure to highlight your highly skilled and friendly staff, your convenient hours, and great reputation.

Market Your Dental Website

As with building your website, internet marketing is critical to getting traffic to your website. Traffic to your website means increased traffic to your dental practice and new clients.

When you engage an internet marketer to be responsible for SEO on your website, talk to them about using social media to market. Targeted campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other widely used social medial can result in increasing name recognition and awareness of your practice within your community, and that’s a winning formula for you.

Have a discussion with your internet marketer about keywords. Use of keywords is critical, and the best choice of keywords is ever evolving. People are using browser searching today in a more specific and detailed way compared to some years ago. Rather than searching for “dentist Bangor”, people now search for “female dentist Invisalign Bangor”. Discuss the keywords your internet marketer will optimize for your web site and ask for data on search frequency of keyword groupings.

More than ever, social media play an important role in search engine optimization as search engine algorithms increasingly optimize for social likes and social sharing. Your internet marketer must be up to the task of getting good quality backlinks for your content, which in turn will lead to increased social sharing and higher search engine ranking. Make inquiries with more than one internet marketing company. There will be local services available in your area and there are services offered online by people who work remotely from all around the world. Either of these could be the right fit for you. Ask questions until you gain understanding as to what they are offering to do and you feel confident in the service you hire. Ask for proof of each stage of their work.

And remember, ‘Content is King’. Your website will require well written attractive content, rich in key words, and easy to understand. It’s worth the investment to acquire rights to quality content.

Get Connected

Develop social media accounts on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Develop an online personality and post on a regular basis, up to once a day or several times a week.

Your online personality should be friendly, and informative. You might tweet about a great filling and include a patient picture of their teeth, with their permission. A couple of days later you might send another tweet about a different successful procedure, or a child smiling after their dental visit. Be careful to get signed consent for use of any patient photos. A discount in exchange for a photo might be enough enticement.

Remember you are not just a dental practice, you are part of a community. You want to build your connection to the community in the eyes of your potential clients. Doctor Bob posting a pic of himself with a smiling 10 year old patient he bumped into at the parade on the 4th of July, will say a lot more than you can put in words. Visual media are shared widely and leave a lasting impression.

Get wired up, optimized and connected and you will leave many more lasting smiles.