Going into Business with the iPhone charger

To do or not to do : Business with the iphone charger

Business is of three types either it is providing a service or producing a product or a mixture of both. The success or failure of a business greatly depends upon the policies being adopted by the management of running the business. To run a business you need people having expertise in different areas and from those people, the most important one are those who are going to design and execute your marketing plan. Because, the marketing policies define the future of a product or service being offered by an organization.

The most obvious example is how Steve Jobs sold his 100 computer at the time when he himself was not sure how his product may end up. His whole focus was on marketing his product in such a way that people would fall for it and he succeeded in doing say many times. A few us know that when Jobs was unveiling the iPhone for the first time only a few of iPhone functions i.e. making a call were working properly the rest of the functions were full of bugs but now before our very own eyes Apple is popular smartphone brand operating over the globe. So, the success and failure of a business boils down to how well it is marketed.

So, choose any business domain you want to operate in and identify the target market and finally market your product or service good enough and the sky is the limit either you are selling food items or highly in demand mobile accessories. Smartphones are high in demand all over the world due to the functions they have but with greater power, there is greater problem associated same is the case with the smartphone they are rich in functionalities but their battery timing is terrible and often the users of smartphone are seen looking for charging points and they rarely find them.

So, the solution to this problem is the iphone 5 charger, as it is very convenient to carry around but it also serves as a medium of transferring data from one device another and the same time it charges your device. The convenience is not provided by conventional chargers. Moreover, you can connect your lightning charging cable to your USB port in the car audio system and can charge your mobile on the go.

The charging cable can come handy many times suppose I have an iPhone 5 and have a laptop running on windows platform and I want to transfer some data via Bluetooth between these two devices.

Well, folks, it will not be possible as Apple restricts its device to connect with other devices via Bluetooth if the other device is running on a different operating system. The only thing which can help me now is an iPhone 5 cable. This lightning cable will not only charge my phone but will also allow me to share the data at high-speed. Millions of people go through this problem and selling lightning cable can be a profitable business as you will be addressing the problem faced by millions of people.

People travel more than ever now and they are not comfortable carrying bulky adapters with them so lightning selling charging cable promises decent profit as there is a huge margin in the selling and buying price.