5 Tips for Marketing for Dentists


Do you own a private dentist practice and you’re getting tired of competing with the corporate dentistry? Marketing isn’t the first thing that comes to most dental professionals’ minds. But, it’s a critical part of building a thriving dental practice.

The dentistry sector has been changing a lot lately – more dentists have chosen the ranks of corporate dentistry, and this ever-expanding market will likely affect you soon if it hasn’t already. Most people prefer reducing their charges to match competitors or market. Unfortunately, such strategies don’t always work because corporate dental practices have the power to influence market trends. Here are five tips that can assist you to stand out and beat the competition in the marketplace.

Cultivate long-lasting relationships

Success in dentistry is about trust and relationships. It’s essential to cultivate healthy relationships with all your existing patients and visitors. You can only yield the best returns when you spare the time to get to know your patients. Listen to their arguments and opinions and ask them questions where necessary. You may also nature these relationships with social media, persuasive communication, and thoughtful internal marketing.

Provide outstanding customer service

Underestimating the importance of quality customer services would be unwise. Everyone likes to be treated well, and this includes your customers and visitors. Even if you have few patients, managing them well means you will have constant customers with less turnover. So, have a meeting with your staff members and brainstorm on how you will improve patient experiences. Regardless of how well you are doing at the moment, this practice will take the business to another level, and you will continue to thrive.

Greet patients by their name

Greeting your patients by name every time they come to the office is essential, even if it’s their first visit. Customers feel fulfilled and comfortable when they go to a practice where they are known and remembered. You want your patients to remember their experience at your office even when they go to a new corporate dental practice. You are not just trying to win new patients; you must keep the ones you already have.

Keep time

Time is an essential commodity for everyone especially your patients. You need to respect their time, and you can only accomplish this by honoring the appointments. Be sure to see and release them on time. Get professional assistance to streamline your communication and systems if need be. You may also get additional staff members if your customer base is growing and you can’t keep time as expected.

Educate prospective patients

Consider offering educational information that’s beneficial to your prospective patients. Provide ideas and tips they can benefit from instead of just giving a list of credentials or services you offer. For instance, you can offer suggestions on taking care of teeth, benefits of flossing, advantages of utilizing electronic toothbrush, and so on. This kind of marketing is valuable and informative to your customers and beats the regular annoying advertising.