Marketing Your Yoga Studio for Growth

Tips on Marketing for a Yoga Studio

Yoga studio Marketing

The yoga market is still among the fastest growing industries in the US. There are many studios springing up even in the unlikeliest places, and every year thousands of yoga teachers are getting certified (What is Yoga? Check out the great guide here: Yoga, An easy guide

What is very exciting about this is that yoga is still relatively new to most people, and this implies there are apparently endless sectors that are just waiting to be tapped.

New students, truly, may be found anywhere, and it is incumbent upon you as the owner of a yoga studio to get the word out in as several ways as possible in order not only to attract people interested in yoga in particular but your studio in general.

Marketing For a Yoga Studio: Basics

Marketing your yoga studio is just like any other kind of marketing. With patience, consistency, and precise authentic message, overtime, you expect your client base to grow. The following are some of the strategies to try expanding your marketing efforts.

Yoga Studio Marketing Interview

Social Media Marketing

This continues in the marketing world to be a formidable force, specifically among the younger generation who are likely to be attracted to, and stay with, solid yoga practice. You should ensure you regularly post on all your social media pages plugging events, but offer also informational posts, like links to interesting articles, and conversation starters, like “what is your favorite pose?

You also may try to expand your marketing net through joining as well reaching out to other members of online community in your location. Do not afraid of being too active. Now social media for a yoga studio is a different monster than before, and while you might be seeing each and every of your posts,there are chances majority of people are only seeing some part of them.

You should move beyond Facebook and try reaching a wider population. Yes, Facebook can be a great source for everybody, but several people in the younger generations consider it outdated, and are better reached through other social media channels such as Snapchat and Instagram.

Begin early and you should be consistent. When you are marketing classes or special events that you are hosting in your yoga studio, begin early your efforts to give individuals lot of information as to what to expect. You should also not be shy about sending reminders as well as last-minute marketing calls to boost turnout to the actual event.

Local Marketing

Today, dedicated yogis will want to come to your yoga studio many times a week. Therefore, location is significant. Majority of people, in fact, who come to a yoga studio work or live within a few miles of that particular studi. Therefore, in defining your target market, it is significant you know the demographics of your neighborhood, and then you can accordingly structure your offerings, example:

When your yoga studio is located close to an elementary school, or is in a neighborhood with young families, you should add pre-natal and children yoga to your offerings so as to attract a bigger market.

When you are close to a university, you should make sure you are offering a host of classes, ranging from beginner to advance. You should cast your net wider. You also may consider offering promotions for university or college students so as to attract their attention. Finally ensure your pticing reflects adequately the “starving student” mentality you are certain to find on the university.

When your yoga studio is close to a community or a retirement home, you should try providing gentle flow together with chair classes, stressing the significant benefits yoga can may have for the seniors.

You should also use these strategies when putting up flyers, ensuring your marketing and promotions are being received by the right people in your neighborhood.

Word of Mouth

Ensure you take advantage of the connections that you have through your yoga studio, namely your students.

When looking forward to grow up your yoga studio in general, you should ask everybody to spread the word to family members and friends ( both those who are still new in yoga and those who are looking for some place to practice). Also you can run a promotional campaign to this effect( for example: bring a friend, and receive one class for free’).

Ensure any new events, studio classses, or launches are prominently announced by studio teachers at the start of class.

Remember , your present students always will be your best advocates for not only teaching but also what your yoga studio has to provide.

Through all your marketing strategies, you should keep on to be concies on what your yoga studio has to provide. Let present and potential students know all the advantages of yoga, and the impact it may have on their lives. Finally, making yoga meaningful for the whole world is the best means of creating value and attracting students to your yoga studio.